Thursday, August 5, 2010

Release Date

I finally got my release date for Touch Me Gently! I am sooo excited! It's September 3rd! The day right before my birthday! How awesome is that?

Link to My Page on Dreamspinner Press!!!!

Funny part is, I found out from a friend that saw the book on the Coming Soon page on LOL. That's the second time she's pointed out my stuff on there. I guess Im not so good with keeping up with things. I was thinking that Elizabeth or Lynn from DSP would be notifying me of the release date but I guess that isn't how it works!

I just sent back my second round of edits. :D So hopefully that's the end of those. I have to say editing is my least favorite part of the process. I love spinning the tale but going back over it is difficult for me sometimes. Depending on what has to be changed. >.< I did however enjoy this second round a bit more than the first because there wasn't quite so much to change. HA. And it is a good thing that I went through all of this because now I know what is expected of me and I learned a LOT of what I need to watch for while I'm writing.

I tend to use the word was too much, and eyes. *sigh* I apparently like my characters emotions to reflect in their eyes way too much. >.< But I think the eyes are the windows to a person's soul, and no matter how they may appear outward, you can tell a lot about a person inside by looking at their eyes.

Well, I guess I shall sign off for now. Need to grab a drink and get working on my Advent Calendar short story submission. Still not entirely sure where I'm going with that one. LOL.