Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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RainbowCon 2015, Forgiving Thayne, and Protecting Kai

Evening, all my beautiful readers. Wow, I didn't realize how long it truly had been since I posted on here. I am such a slacker! I can only offer the excuse of the evil day job snatching away my time. I am truly sorry about that. I am going to work at posting at least once a week. There has to be something worth posting about once a week. I think.

I attended RainbowCon 2015 in Tampa this year. Once again, a wonderful, amazing time! This time we had a whole lot more readers which was a great thing to see. I even had several requests for signatures! Such a humbling experience to be perfectly honest. Even after all this time I still get nervous about being recognized. Does that ever go away though? I guess if you're someone big time like J.K. Rowling or Stephen King, I suppose. This year the charity supported by RainbowCon was The Big Cat Rescue in Tampa. BEAUTIFUL sanctuary. Gorgeous animals and the wonderful thing to see is how well cared for they are. If you ever visit Tampa, you should definitely see about taking a tour. And even if you aren't, consider donating to such a wonderful sanctuary that cares for these beautiful animals.
What I love about attending events like RainbowCon is that it renews my inspiration. For the first time in a while I have started writing again and I am going to push myself to add at least a thousand words a day. If I can do that, it won't take long at all to get a book done. :) So I hope to have Protecting Kai completed sometime soon. While I don't have a sneak peek for you just yet, I will say that I'm at about 18k words into it, starting on chapter five now.  Protecting Kai is the next installment in the True Mates series centered around Cole Ferris and his runaway mate. Kai is rather... stubborn, lol. To say the least. But he has reason to be which you'll find out once the story is available. I've included a couple of images of what I basically see in my head of Kai and Cole, except Cole is dark auburn haired with bright green eyes. Tried to find an image of a guy with red hair that fit, but there were limited images out there, unfortunately. :(


 Kai Renard, 22 years old, on the run from an abusive family member, and stubborn to a fault. 5' 11". Bright blond hair, hazel eyes, and rather slender to start.


Cole Ferris, future Alpha to the Emerald Lake Hills Pack, 30 years old. 6' 5", dark auburn hair, and bright green eyes. Kind, fiercely protective of his own, and extremely optimistic with most things in life. Owns and operates Ferris Organics.

Forgiving Thayne is the most recently released True Mates novel. I know a lot of people were angry with Thayne for being such an asshole, but sometimes, a mate isn't perfect. The people in our lives hurt us, but we forgive their trespasses and allow them to continue to be in our lives out of love. While there was a lot still left to resolve between Nick and Thayne, the boys, and those in Chasing Seth, Seth and Kasey, will continue to appear in the coming novels so hopefully those who disliked Thayne will see the growth as he learns to trust and accept the bond between himself and Nick. :)

That's all for tonight, I'm afraid. Want to get in a little bit of writing before going to bed. Good Morning to those just waking up and Good Night to those just going to sleep! Hope your day is well tomorrow/today!

~ J.R.~