Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dreamspinner Press, Plagiarism, and Stupidity

Okay, so I tend to glance over things most of the time. It takes me a while to get to the point where I may look further into it. Now, I haven't really read Bear, Otter and the Kid by TJ Klune, but I am a Dreamspinner Press author and DAMNED proud of it. I also can say that Dreamspinner Press DOES NOT CONDONE plagiarism without a doubt in my mind.

My last release, Chasing Seth, was originally written in a totally different manner. After submission and going through the first round of edits, a couple of their team members noticed the similarity between my story and another author's. Now, do not take this as my stealing from another author because that is far from the truth. I wrote Chasing Seth on my own without using another author's work for the plotline. But there were enough similarities that it made DSP editors wary about releasing it without some major editing. Which I gladly did as I do not wish to have the same story as another author in the m/m world or any genre for that matter. DSP would never KNOWINGLY allow plagiarism. I will never believe otherwise.

I read the initial post that started this whole bruha about plagiarism and the many posts on the Yahoo groups I am part of and I want to say I think the writer is an idiot. No offense meant, but to be a professional reviewer of books as you are so obviously attempting to do on your blog/site, you have to set your heart aside and lead with your mind. For you to refuse to review books from DSP because of something which you haven't done more than a cursory investigation into is the most unprofessional B.S. I've ever read.

Read that post here

Do some actual research before you jump to conclusions!

My opinion... as always... does not require anyone jumping on me for it. I just feel very strongly in regards to Dreamspinner Press. They do not deserve to have such a hornet's nest stirred up about them. The slightest bit of bad press can hurt any company, no matter their size. And I think it's extremely hateful, ignorant and rude to spread such filth without having all of your facts and PROOF before you open your mouth. I have personally met Elizabeth from DSP and I know for a fact that she is a person with high morals and integrity beyond which this person accusing DSP of allowing their authors to plagiarize is capable of even understanding or possessing.

Thank you for listening to my rant and no matter what anyone says I will always support and submit to DSP.


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