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Guest Blogger: Lily Harlem - Berets & Bras

Sexy military boys!

What is it about military men that gets us girls hot and bothered? Mmm, for me it’s their smokin’ hot bodies, the skilled use of their weapons and that glint in their eye that let us know they work hard and play hard.

I was thinking of soldier yumminess some time ago and came up with a book called Thief. Thief is a full length novel about a very bad girl who steals cars, she is disturbingly capable at her corrupt profession, until that is, she meets John Taylor, ex special service and not about to let this sexy lady get away with his Porsche.

Writing this erotic romance gave me the chance to indulge in my crush on uniformed hotties, but far from abating I soon found myself ogling lovely men in uniform again. Before I knew it another story was brewing Berets and Bras which is just out at Silver Publishing.

Blurb for Berets and Bras:

Blood, sweat and hard work has given me everything I want, except that is, the dangerous mercenary I'm in love and lust with. Until, one night, when my secrets are exposed, I discover, in the sweetest possible way that he's sinfully talented at handling more than just his armed weapon.


Hurriedly, I tighten the strapping around my petite breasts, shrug into a black thermal top, and pull on an armoured vest. Moving swiftly but methodically, I stuff a homemade wad of padding into my boxers, yank up black combat pants, and wriggle my toes into multiterrain boots.

There's a sudden, sharp rap at my door accompanied by Tom's deep, grating voice. "Are you fucking ready, Carl?"

As always my heart does a flip, and for the millionth time I curse its erratic beats. Why does Tom have this effect on me? No one else has ever produced such a pathetic, simpering response in my cardiac muscle, and in all honesty, I could do without it. My infatuation with my colleague could ruin a year of subterfuge and deception, waste gallons of sweat from intense physical training, and make what has felt like a lifetime of suppressing female needs and desires utterly pointless.

At eighteen I joined the British army, worked until I was sweating blood, and concentrated solely on rising through the ranks, but by twenty-three I was lured out by the smell of money, lots of money. I'd been told it was impossible to become a mercenary. Women simply can't handle it. But me being me meant I was unable to take no for an answer, and I made it my mission to join an elite group known as Cobra. And now, standing here as twenty-four-year-old Carl, not Carol, I'm by far the finest sniper in the group, a fourth Dan in Seidokan karate, and I have a photographic memory for maps which means I rival even a local's knowledge.

I snatch open the door and see Tom's colossal bulk looming in the narrow hallway, hands placed on hips and his muddied forehead creased into three neat lines. "Bloody hell, you haven't done your camo yet," he grunts the second his gaze settles on me.

"Shit, hang on." I scoot back into my room.

He follows me with two ground-eating paces. "Here," he says. He reaches past my waist and grabs the tube of mud brown. "We gotta get going." He spins off the cap, oozes a blob onto his finger, and stoops towards my face.

I freeze.

He's too damn close for comfort.

Raw male pheromones fill my senses, and a potent, testosterone fuelled heat radiates into my pores. I try to pull my gaze from his rugged, camo-darkened face, terrified that he'll look into my soul and see blazing sexual turmoil. But I can't shift my eyes; my concentration is stuck, glued onto his coal-black pupils as I feel myself falling into them. Falling into him.

His frown deepens, and he licks his lips, covering them with a sheen of saliva. A shard of longing shoots to my pussy, and my nipples spike against their tight containment. I want to kiss the moisture off. I want to taste him, lick him. I want to know what it feels like to press my mouth to his for real and not just in a fantasy or a dream.

He swallows. His Adam's apple travels way down low then all the way back up. He opens his mouth, as if to speak, but then stops himself and clamps his lips into a tight, hard line.

My mind spins, my heart flutters. What has the dangerous, highly trained killer I'm in love with seen? Has he guessed my feelings? Felt my barely harnessed female desires? What was he about to say?

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Lily Harlem
Winner of 2009 Love Honey Award for Erotic Fiction

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Kindlegraph Requests

Hi, all! Me again! Twice in one day? Whoa! But yes, I had to share!! I signed up for Kindlegraph today so if you own any of my books and would like a Kindlegraph, head on over to Kindlegraph.com and sign up to submit a request!

When I signed up and submitted Chasing Seth as one of my books, I already had a signature request waiting! How cool is that?!

MM Good Book Reviews - The Greatest Compliment I've Ever Received

When I finished Chasing Seth, I thought 'This is my best work yet, no way it can disappoint'. I thought that because of how different it was from Touch Me Gently, how my writing style had matured since completing Touch Me Gently back in 2006, and how the storyline had more twists and turns and a less confusing outcome. But that same day I decided to check the reviews on Goodreads.com and found myself extremely disappointed, upset and down right depressed. I guess I should have learned Goodreads is not a good place to actually look at reviews. A good portion of the reviews are petty, vindictive, and just flat out cruel. Why the reviewers feel the need to be so, I have no idea. Maybe they're unhappy in their own life, or maybe they just feel the need to tear others down, kind of like in high school where the cheerleaders tease the fat kid.

The most baffling part of reading the reviews was seeing so many people agree with the worst one without even picking up the book and experiencing it for themselves. How can you possibly judge something without actually involving yourself in it? It would be like me looking at a cover of a book and saying, 'Oh, I'm not going to read that book. The cover's ugly/stupid/etc. so that means the story would be too.' Shame on those who feel the need to follow like sheep instead of making their own decisions. Doesn't the phrase go 'If so and so jumped off a cliff, would you follow them?' Because you know you wouldn't.

In my depression I made a post on Facebook which I wouldn't have really carried through with because I love writing too much, no matter what the naysayers of my books write, and I had someone reach out to me who has a website for book reviews. She offered to read the book and review it. I agreed because, even if she hated the book, I knew she'd give at least a professional review instead of a spiteful, vindictive bunch of trash talking. I had no idea what the review would contain or if she would even like the book, but when I received her email with the link to the review, I jumped on it to read the review like a dog does a treat. And I found the most wonderful review I've ever read of my books. I was so excited to see it that I even broke the taboo of logging into Facebook at work and posted the link for everyone to read it.

If you have a chance, please hop on over to MM Good Book Reviews and read what the review of Chasing Seth. Chasing Seth Review I sincerely recommend reading their reviews of books instead of following what the posionous readers write on Goodreads. True book reviewers will tell you the truth. And I'm not just saying this because the review was in a positive way. I would be saying this even if Pixie had hated the book.

Everyone's tastes differ. So don't always go along with whatever someone tells you. Make an informed decision for yourself. If you have to agree with a friend or else you'll make them angry at you, then they aren't really your friend.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fragments of a Unicorn's Soul 'Sunday Snog'

Hi, everyone. I figured I'd join in the fun this Sunday and post one of my own Victoria Blisse's Sunday Snogs. :)  I hope you enjoy!


Long moments of silence passed before Elek could speak, and he never once looked away from Jonathan as he told the story that had started years ago—from the night he'd felt the strong urge to enter the forest until the second Hemia yanked the horn from his head. He told Jonathan of the legend Aggie spoke of and how he'd taken the chance of death to be near him. When he'd finished, Jonathan stared at him, his face expressionless.

"You gave up immortality and risked the possibility of death for me?"

Brow furrowing, Elek nodded. "Eternal life means nothing if I can't be near you."

Jonathan slowly stood, calculatingly advancing toward the bed. The dark sapphires blazed, strange emotions swirling in their depths. Elek felt the heat of Jonathan's body the moment he stepped close to him, and he clenched his hands in the mattress under him to keep from reaching out to touch him. Jonathan set his hands on Elek's shoulders, placing one knee on the bed beside Elek.

"That is either the stupidest or the most romantic thing I've ever heard," Jonathan murmured, a mere breath of a second before covering Elek's lips with his own.

Elek gasped into the kiss, pleasure and hope sending his heart soaring. He groaned, bringing his arms up and wrapping them around Jonathan's waist tightly. Blood swelled in his lower regions and Elek wanted nothing more than to bury himself deep in Jonathan, his love, the human who held the pieces of his soul he'd never known were missing. Jonathan's tongue slid over his lips, pushing at them, and Elek parted them, his mouth immediately flooded with the taste of Jonathan.

Fingers tunneling through Elek's white-blond locks, Jonathan expertly nipped and sucked at Elek's mouth, elated at the innocence behind the man's responses. He still didn't understand how Elek could possibly be human or be there in his dorm room, in his arms, but he didn't want to question it anymore. He just wanted to feel him, to breathe him in, and know Elek belonged to him.

"Make love to me, Elek," Jonathan whispered pleadingly, his voice cracking.

Perhaps because it was such a primal, deep-seated need, Elek knew without question what his lover wanted, falling back into the soft bed and pulling Jonathan down on top of him. He slid his hands greedily along Jonathan's body, touching everywhere at once, yet it felt like he couldn't touch him enough. "Jonathan."

A thrill lanced through Jonathan's stomach at his name on Elek's lips, and he captured them again, drinking deep. He yanked his shirt over his head, baring his upper body to Elek's hungry gaze. "Too many clothes," he growled, pulling at the t-shirt covering Elek's muscular chest.


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