Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fragments of a Unicorn's Soul 'Sunday Snog'

Hi, everyone. I figured I'd join in the fun this Sunday and post one of my own Victoria Blisse's Sunday Snogs. :)  I hope you enjoy!


Long moments of silence passed before Elek could speak, and he never once looked away from Jonathan as he told the story that had started years ago—from the night he'd felt the strong urge to enter the forest until the second Hemia yanked the horn from his head. He told Jonathan of the legend Aggie spoke of and how he'd taken the chance of death to be near him. When he'd finished, Jonathan stared at him, his face expressionless.

"You gave up immortality and risked the possibility of death for me?"

Brow furrowing, Elek nodded. "Eternal life means nothing if I can't be near you."

Jonathan slowly stood, calculatingly advancing toward the bed. The dark sapphires blazed, strange emotions swirling in their depths. Elek felt the heat of Jonathan's body the moment he stepped close to him, and he clenched his hands in the mattress under him to keep from reaching out to touch him. Jonathan set his hands on Elek's shoulders, placing one knee on the bed beside Elek.

"That is either the stupidest or the most romantic thing I've ever heard," Jonathan murmured, a mere breath of a second before covering Elek's lips with his own.

Elek gasped into the kiss, pleasure and hope sending his heart soaring. He groaned, bringing his arms up and wrapping them around Jonathan's waist tightly. Blood swelled in his lower regions and Elek wanted nothing more than to bury himself deep in Jonathan, his love, the human who held the pieces of his soul he'd never known were missing. Jonathan's tongue slid over his lips, pushing at them, and Elek parted them, his mouth immediately flooded with the taste of Jonathan.

Fingers tunneling through Elek's white-blond locks, Jonathan expertly nipped and sucked at Elek's mouth, elated at the innocence behind the man's responses. He still didn't understand how Elek could possibly be human or be there in his dorm room, in his arms, but he didn't want to question it anymore. He just wanted to feel him, to breathe him in, and know Elek belonged to him.

"Make love to me, Elek," Jonathan whispered pleadingly, his voice cracking.

Perhaps because it was such a primal, deep-seated need, Elek knew without question what his lover wanted, falling back into the soft bed and pulling Jonathan down on top of him. He slid his hands greedily along Jonathan's body, touching everywhere at once, yet it felt like he couldn't touch him enough. "Jonathan."

A thrill lanced through Jonathan's stomach at his name on Elek's lips, and he captured them again, drinking deep. He yanked his shirt over his head, baring his upper body to Elek's hungry gaze. "Too many clothes," he growled, pulling at the t-shirt covering Elek's muscular chest.


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