Monday, July 8, 2013

I finally bit the proverbial bullet....

Happy Monday, all. :)  Just wanted to post an update and let everyone know I'm still alive!

After agonizing over it for the longest time and finally seeing my numbers dwindle as well as not receiving any communication from them, I have pulled my three stories - Swift's Temptation, Fragments of a Unicorn's Soul, and White Rain - from Silver Publishing. I have removed all covers and photos tying to them from my Blog and Website. My Facebook page and wall are next. I am very sad to have to do it, but I decided it would be better for me to step away from them before it became a further complication in my life.

On that note, I will either be pursuing self publishing with the three stories or I will be subbing them to another company. I am not sure it's worth trying to push them to another publisher because they've run their course and sales on them have dropped significantly so self-publishing it most likely the way I will go. I've been putting feelers out for a cover artist and I am probably going to see if I can pick someone's brain on exactly how to go about doing the self pub route. So please keep an eye out for a re-release on those if you missed out on having them. With new cover art of course.

This Friday coming, July 12th, is Yoshi's next appointment with the specialist. I have a long weekend coming up as I took some time off. I am hoping to really get into the meat and potatoes of Forgiving Thayne, no pun intended LOL. I've slacked off a lot in the last few weeks. First because of Yoshi, and then because of other health issues. But I want to pick up the reins and push forward. Hoping to finish it for submission by the end of summer so I need to get my butt in gear.

This 4th of July was definitely an explosive one! We lit off fireworks in the front drive and had a lot of fun. Afterward, my brother decided to pick them up and put them into a plastic bag and dump them in a garbage can... without putting water on them. So needless to say there was one still smoldering and about an hour and a half later WOOSH! There went the garbage can. Thank God I was outside with a friend or the house may have been in danger. I saw the flames and had to go get my dad since I had my dog with me. There's still a black scorch mark on the side of the house that my dad is going to have to paint over.

That's about all right now. Hope you're all doing well. I look forward to being on the 'market' again in the near future, lol.