Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Home & Update on Protecting Kai

Good Morning, everyone :)

I have been making great strides (for me anyway!) on my progress with Protecting Kai, the next True Mates novel I am working on. I am about 35% into it and trying to add at least a thousand words a day. I hope to finish it in the next couple of months and then submit it for publication to Dreamspinner. Hopefully have it out by the beginning of next year or so.

To give those wondering what Protecting Kai is about a sneak peek:

Cole Ferris, son of the Alpha of the Emerald Lake Hills pack in California, found and lost his mate all in the same day! He'll do anything to find him again, including following his trail all the way to Phoenix, AZ, where he finds more than he bargained for.

Kai Renard barely managed to escape the dangerous situation he'd been living in since he was thirteen years old. He's been on the run and sees no end in sight. Until the fateful day he bumps into Cole in Redwood City, CA. Two weeks later, during an altercation with strangers, Cole rescues him and offers him the one thing he's wanted for the last nine years, freedom. No more fear, no more pain. But is he strong enough to give Cole what he promises? Only time will tell.

Is that enough of a teaser? LOL. Hopefully, it gives you an idea of what the next True Mates novel is without revealing way more than I wanted. :P

So about a month ago or so I sent an email over to Torquere Press looking for a new home for my two stories that were previously published by the "Publisher Who Shall Not Be Named" and after a few weeks, I received an email with an acceptance from Torquere Press for Swift's Temptation and Fragments of a Unicorn's Soul! Finally! I can finally say I have a permanent home for them right now! I do not have a release date for either with Torquere Press, but I will give you the information as soon as I have it.

And to leave you with a bit of Happy Hump day eye candy!