Thursday, October 2, 2014

Forgiving Thayne Officially Available!

Good Morning! I know I am a little delayed on getting this post out as Forgiving Thayne came out yesterday. I am excited to say that it is already doing well in it's opening week! It's officially on the, ARe, and Dreamspinner Press Bestsellers list. All of which are in the top ten right now! Thank you so much everyone!

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I know you've all been waiting a long time for this one and I truly hope you enjoy it and that I did Nick and Thayne's story justice. They're definitely one of my favorite couples to date aside from Kaden and Logan. :)

I think if I can stir up emotions in my readers - sadness, happiness, or anger - that's what it is all about. Thayne can be a stubborn jackass, but I still find him to be someone that is worth getting to know and eventually will make you proud of him. I read an early review already where someone related Nick to being a doormat and I'm not entirely sure I agree or disagree. As part of most shifter worlds, when a shifter finds their mate, it's rather hard not to allow themselves to bend over backwards to please them, help them, or protect them. Nick's inner wolf is very much in control throughout most of Nick's actions within the story. But in defense of Nick's 'doormatness', I've read many shifter stories where one is always more dominant than the other and allows themselves to be walked all over. In fact, there was one I tried so hard to read a few months back that I couldn't even stomach to finish. I think Nick did a relatively good job at standing up for himself as much as he could while fighting his wolf's instincts to run to Thayne at every turn.

I also hope that most of the readers agree there is a definite improvement in my 'feminizing' one of the men in the story as that has been one of the wider spread points I've seen in the reviews on Touch Me Gently and Chasing Seth. Though, I will say that coming from a Yaoi fan base, that's how I've seen a lot of the stories written within the Yaoi environment. Not all, no, but more often than not, one is more feminine than the other. 

I will be continuing the True Mates world with Cole's story and have already begun writing the next one. :) If you don't know who Cole is, then you'll need to read Thayne and Nick's story first. :P

Well, that's all for now! Have a wonderful day, everyone!!!