Wednesday, May 16, 2018

OutCon 2018

Happy Hump Day, everyone! 😄 I know why they call it hump day, but does anyone take it literally and have sex all day?

Okay, enough of the corny jokes. That was bad I know.

In an effort to get myself back out there again, This August, I will be attending OutCon at the Miami Airport Convention Center to promote my books, enjoy the con and share in the love of all things queerful and geeky. I will have some of my books for sale as well as promotional stuff for free for anyone who would like them! I'll have pens, some handmade scrabble tile pendants and earrings, and more! So make sure to stop by and see me at OutCon August 4th! #outconic

Check out the site for more info:
They're going to have costume contests, lip syncing battles, and more during their events. Their Cosplay guests will feature Daniella DeNicola, Jean WanWan, and more!

I will also be selling little trinkets that I have handmade myself! Nothing super amazing, but cute, for sure!

So please stop by and support your local convention, keep OutCon going, and show some love to the other artists who will be there! It doesn't cost much either. $15 at the door and $10 online advance purchase. Not bad, right?


Friday, May 11, 2018

Jamila Jasper's Book is Back Up on Amazon

I do not own the rights to this cover.
For those of you who are aware of CockyGate (and I think that's probably everyone by now), then you should be abreast of the situation Jamila Jasper faced with Faleena Hopkins. Jamila's book was taken down by Amazon due to this farce of a trademark granted by the PTO on the use of a SINGLE word. One which has been around for many, many years.

Well, Jamila has hit the ground running by changing her title and cover and has now republished it as "The Cockiest Cowboy to Have Ever Cocked". LOL. I love the title, Ms. Jasper! Already one clicked bought it. I suggest to those who are following CockyGate do so as well to support her after the stress and crap she went through. Show Faleena Hopkins just how much she stabbed, shot, and hung her own author career.

The link to buy: The Cockiest Cowboy to Have Ever Cocked

And Ms. Jasper has kindly put it on sale for $2.99 for a limited time! So don't miss out on your chance to own the book that, according to one of the many excuses Faleena has given, started it all!

Directly from Amazon:

"What do you do when you're a hack author who had never come up with an original idea?! You adapt. C*cky Cowboy has been revived as THE COCKIEST COWBOY TO HAVE EVER COCKED. The story remains unchanged. 2.99 price for limited time only! 

This should have been easy.

Hide out from my ex in Omaha while helping an old woman on her ranch.

One problem…

Her son Kurt O’Connor.

I should have known better than to get involved.

He’s tall, a pillar of muscle, icy blue eyes… and cocky as h*ll! 

He doesn’t just want my body. 

He wants all of me. 

I must resist.

This is a naughtier than ever cowboy alpha-male interracial romance. These pages are dripping with no-holds-barred lust to keep you reading ’til the end. This is a full-length novel with 50,000+ words of sizzling sexiness, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA."

So head over and pick up your copy today. :) 

~J.R. ~

Thursday, May 10, 2018

#CockyGate2018 - Trademarking the word Cocky, Dirty Trick by a Desperate Woman

If you haven't already heard about #CockyGate 2018, take a look at some of the links I'm including here because it is the lowest form of scummery on the planet. A romance author by the name of Faleena Hopkins has trademarked the word Cocky. WORD, not a phrase, not a brand, just a simple word that has appeared in the English dictionary for decades!

There's a number of people working on fighting this TM, including a retired IP lawyer turned author, because it will impact and has already impacted quite a few authors. Websites are removing anything with the keyword cocky, anything in the title with cocky, etc., even if the book was published prior to her TM. Ms. Hopkins has also been sending Cease and Desist letters to authors demanding they change their titles, covers, and audiobooks (if existing), otherwise she will pursue legal action on them and any money earned will become hers along with the author losing any ratings and reviews they have received.

Her audacity is off the charts! She even made a video on her Facebook page (no longer existing) that she is demanding the people who are angry to just shut up and deal with it. As if this isn't going to cost them losses in revenue and hurt their overall brand. She claims she's starting a brand of her own and everyone needs to stop "riding her coattails".

The IP Lawyer, Kevin Kneupper, has filed a petition with the Patent and Trademark Office to cancel her trademark. You can read his petition HERE. It has been redacted so you cannot read individual information, but Mr. Kneupper has done a very thorough bit of research for this and is extremely versed in TM law. I believe with just his petition alone it will be cancelled.

However, RWA has also gotten involved and has hired a lawyer as well. They are asking anyone who has been contacted by Ms. Hopkins to get in touch with them with details. Carol Ritter (

There's a lot of resources that you can review to see coverage of this atrocity, but below are some links to catch you up.

The Guardian - Coverage about #CockyGate2018

Legal Inspiration - Unduly Cocky Author

Pajiba - Cocky Writer

The Digital Reader - Harry Potter & the Audacity of This Bitch

Romance Writers Fight Back - Youtube Video

#CockyGate The Cocky Trademark Controversy Youtube Video

And there are lots more. Google CockyGate or Faleena Hopkins. You'll find dozens of youtube videos, many blog posts, and more about this situation. There is also a petition you can sign if you want to help! Sign the Petition Here!

Until the petition by Mr. Kneupper is reviewed by the PTO, many authors are going through a nightmare as their, possibly only, source of income is threatened. And you have to question, what does this mean for the future of romance and all genres for that matter. What about if you use the word inside the body of your work? Does that get affected by this too? Will there be people trademarking every day words after this if she does win? That's a scary thought for everyone in the author industry. We can only wait with baited breath to see what happens at this point.

Ms. Hopkins, you should be ashamed of yourself for not seeing where you're wrong and need to stop deluding yourself into believing changing something is as easy as all that. Some indie authors don't have the money to make the changes you're demanding. #byefaleena #cockygate #crazybitch


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Stuff & Protecting Kai

Hi, all. If anyone is still following me anyway!

I am in the process of working on Protecting Kai. I am at 60,144 words already. Adding even more today before and after I write this. My goal is to be done with it by end of Summer, if not sooner! There's less than half to go I think, so it may be even mid Summer.

My apologies for the length of time I have been between books. There's just been so many things going on over the course of the last year. It's been a mind blowing ride and whirlwind of things happening. For those not already aware, I bought my first house! Very exciting! The only thing is... the fine print doesn't tell you about the multitude of things that pop up when you do purchase a house. I do love the big fenced in back yard, the canal on one side, and the circular driveway. We completely revamped the inside flooring and paint. If you had seen it before, you wouldn't recognize it now.

Aside from being invaded by rats in the attic, we also have had to deal with neighbors who aren't so pleasant, the pool pump sprung a leak, the filter housing on the pool system sprung a leak, the plumbing has had issues, the dryer died, etc. etc. LOL.

This weekend, I am taking a getaway trip with the SO, and then when I get back, concentrating full force on Protecting Kai! I want to get this out to you, even if not through DSP (not sure if they will accept it or not, lol). I also have several others in progress I am eager to get into your hands as well.

Lots of hugs and kisses to you all!