Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MM Good Book Reviews - The Greatest Compliment I've Ever Received

When I finished Chasing Seth, I thought 'This is my best work yet, no way it can disappoint'. I thought that because of how different it was from Touch Me Gently, how my writing style had matured since completing Touch Me Gently back in 2006, and how the storyline had more twists and turns and a less confusing outcome. But that same day I decided to check the reviews on and found myself extremely disappointed, upset and down right depressed. I guess I should have learned Goodreads is not a good place to actually look at reviews. A good portion of the reviews are petty, vindictive, and just flat out cruel. Why the reviewers feel the need to be so, I have no idea. Maybe they're unhappy in their own life, or maybe they just feel the need to tear others down, kind of like in high school where the cheerleaders tease the fat kid.

The most baffling part of reading the reviews was seeing so many people agree with the worst one without even picking up the book and experiencing it for themselves. How can you possibly judge something without actually involving yourself in it? It would be like me looking at a cover of a book and saying, 'Oh, I'm not going to read that book. The cover's ugly/stupid/etc. so that means the story would be too.' Shame on those who feel the need to follow like sheep instead of making their own decisions. Doesn't the phrase go 'If so and so jumped off a cliff, would you follow them?' Because you know you wouldn't.

In my depression I made a post on Facebook which I wouldn't have really carried through with because I love writing too much, no matter what the naysayers of my books write, and I had someone reach out to me who has a website for book reviews. She offered to read the book and review it. I agreed because, even if she hated the book, I knew she'd give at least a professional review instead of a spiteful, vindictive bunch of trash talking. I had no idea what the review would contain or if she would even like the book, but when I received her email with the link to the review, I jumped on it to read the review like a dog does a treat. And I found the most wonderful review I've ever read of my books. I was so excited to see it that I even broke the taboo of logging into Facebook at work and posted the link for everyone to read it.

If you have a chance, please hop on over to MM Good Book Reviews and read what the review of Chasing Seth. Chasing Seth Review I sincerely recommend reading their reviews of books instead of following what the posionous readers write on Goodreads. True book reviewers will tell you the truth. And I'm not just saying this because the review was in a positive way. I would be saying this even if Pixie had hated the book.

Everyone's tastes differ. So don't always go along with whatever someone tells you. Make an informed decision for yourself. If you have to agree with a friend or else you'll make them angry at you, then they aren't really your friend.


  1. I must say that I agree with the reviewer. I loved Chasing Seth. I thought it was a very well written book and I am looking forward to more from you. I don't follow along on Goodreads for the main fact it seems to be only a place where people can spout their poison. I prefer to make up my mind on a book.

    There are a few authors I have that are automatic buys. You are one of them. So for those of us out there. Please keep writing and don't pay attention to what the bitter people have to say.

  2. J.R. Loveless I am glad you liked the review that I wrote and you are right, I give honest reviews about any book (just because I don't like a book doesn't mean someone else won't) so I always give an impartial review, pointing out the good bits and the bad and making a fair recommendation as well.

    I look forward to your future books.


  3. Thank you J.R. Loveless for taking the time to write such a wonderful story. I look forward to whatever you write next.

  4. So I'm way late commenting here but I just finished Chasing Seth and loved it! I decided to visit your blog to see what else you had written (besides Touch me Gently which I also enjoyed). Please keep up the good work!
    Debra G

  5. J.R, people have their opinions and you are right about one thing, sometimes they are rude. I only have to say that I really liked Chasing Seth. It's true that it's different from Touch me gently, which I really loved (I read it from time to time) but it's good anyway.

    Looking forward to your new books :)

  6. Jr I have all your books on kindle and truly love them all and are always looking forward toward your next ones I hope you don't let people opioins bring you down because your amazing thank you for writing something worth buying and rereading which I have done with all your books and I really am looking forward to the next book after chasing Seth !!