Monday, March 21, 2011

Silver Publishing... Editing...

Well, I do have to say that I am so far enjoying my experience with Silver Publishing. They have accepted my novel Swift's Temptation and a short story called Fragments of a Unicorn's Soul. Silver Publishing definitely has a more hands on approach than Dreamspinner did. Don't get me wrong, I love Dreamspinner Press, but I do like the fact that Silver Publishing has actually reached out to me and expressed more than a passing interest in my story.

I spent an hour on the phone between talking about the story and just talking about other things in life with the editor. She's a really funny, yet sarcastic, person and I like her. Although she has wrecked my brain! LOL. She finally sent me back the edits and oooohhhhh weeeeee! It's way more than Touch Me Gently. >.< I did expect a lot but holy cow!

A good portion of it does make sense, and I fully intend on making most of the changes being asked. However, there are some that are just nitpicking IMO. Little things that I don't think make or break a story. However, who am I to say that? I'm not the editor! lol. I've given the edits a once over so far, accepted or rejected the basic changes and left the major stuff for the second look. With all of the requests made, it seems almost like I may have to re-write a good portion of the story. I have to look more closely at the longer notes and go from there I suppose.

I can't wait to see the cover though. :D That's hopefully very soon. And I am still waiting to hear from them regarding the short story that they accepted.

I do have another story I'm working on that just needs editing before I can submit it. Although I will be submitting that back to DSP, especially since Silver isn't accepting Paranormal stories and it's a shifter story. Oh, big surprise there, ne? In my defense though, I've ALWAYS loved shifters stories. It has nothing to do with Twilight. I loved the books, but after the movies came out, I can't stand the whole series. *shudders* For many, many reasons.

Well, off to catch some zzzzs. Work tomorrow and more editing. >.< Also need to shoot off a brief email to my editor (wow... there's a word I didn't think I'd say) before I log off for the night.

Goodnight, everyone!

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  1. I feel your pain. Dark Chocolate has been through 3 rewrites from the original version, 2 sex changes of support characters, a location change, addition of some characters and subtraction of others. It has been painful and exhilarating all at the same time. Much more intense than DSP.