Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Waiting.... and Newest Upcoming Release...

I submitted another story to Dreamspinner Press and I have to say the waiting is killing me. It takes so long to write the story, edit it and prepare it for submission, but even though that seems like it takes forever, the waiting I think is worse.

It's kind of like anticipation tinged with dread. Are they going to accept it? Am I going to get another rejection and then have to wait again for another company's answer? >.<

My faith and hope are holding strong though. I think the newest story I submitted is by far superior to most everything else I've had accepted. At least in terms of grammar and style. Don't know about plotline though. :/

My newest upcoming release is Swift's Temptation. It's about small town farmboy Fagan Swift and the new job he accepts at an escort agency where he meets Xavier James. Their relationship is instant sparks, but not the good kind. Constantly at each other's throats (verbally), they dance around their attraction until the morning after the company Holiday party and Fagan wakes up in a strange hotel room only to find out he'd had a one night stand with Xavier.

In his blind panic, he rushes out of the hotel room and on his way home receives a phone call sending him straight home to the farm. Xavier follows him back to the farm only to take advantage of Fagan's weakness by blackmailing him into a sex-only relationship. A relationship that Fagan has no choice but to accept or risk losing his father. Will Fagan be able to keep it together or will he lose himself and everything he is to Xavier?

Watch for Swift's Temptation coming soon from Silver Publishing! No release date yet but hopefully I'll know sometime soon but I'll keep you posted.

I bid you all a goodnight. Thanks for listening to my mini rant and also for my shameless plug of my newest book. XD *hugs to everyone*


  1. Hi LS,

    looking forward to your new book.

    Hugs Kawaii27

  2. Congrats on having Swift's Temptation published!!! I loved that story and I can't wait to read it again. I'm so happy that my favorite authors are getting the recognition they deserve!!

  3. Any news from Dreamspinner yet?

  4. Hi I wanted to stop by and say how much I enjoyed reading Touc Me Gently and wondered if maybe there is a sequel?

    I was reading through the final few chapters completely hooked when I read about one of the characters, Mitchell Kingsley I read through the page and found he hardly has any lasting relationship and one day would like to find a love like Logan and Kaden have which got me thinking are you thinking of bringing out a story for this character?

    I would like to know if you do because Mitchell certainly is amusing, funny and apparently flirty I loved Logan's possesive reaction to that couldn't stop myself form grinning...but I wonder if maybe there's more behind this mans persona.. okay I'm going to stop rambling now but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this

    you'll have to forgive my brain I sometimes let my imagination get carried away I have always loved books like this and thought at the end I wonder if there's more? lol but that's just me so hope you don't mind my question

    oh and I'm looking forward to hopefully buying your new book when it's out in June :)

  5. Ooh shiny. hm O.o I must get this lol. Sadly it will take longer to come out on Amazon, I do believe -.- which means I'd have to wait even longer... gah.