Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gay Movies or Lack Thereof

So tonight I got sucked into looking around on youtube by a friend of mine. She posted me a link to a video and I just kind of started browsing around. I found alot of fan videos posted for gay films. I love to read male/male romance books, but I find the volume or quality of the gay films available (not foreign films) is sadly lacking. There are very few quality gay films actually produced in the U.S.

While browsing the fanvids, I found a ton of videos based on foreign gay films which are extremely hard to get or are in a language I can't understand with no English subtitles.

There is only one gay themed movie I have really seen that wasn't either A)a tragedy where one of the main characters dies or B)isn't really awful acting and film quality. I would love to find gay themed films that had quality acting and proper filming done and were not actually trying for an 'artistic viewpoint'! Do gay films always have to be about the trials of coming out? What about just straight up gay romances like the books I write or read from companies like Dreamspinner Press or Silver Publishing?

Is there something written down somewhere that states it has to be flippin' depressing to watch a gay themed movie?? Or it has to be about the trials and tribulations of coming out of the closet? Don't get me wrong, those films are great, but I would kill to see a true quality gay themed flat out ROMANCE film. One where boy meets boy or man meets man and you see them falling in love!

And the same with TV shows! Queer as Folk was one of the few truly gay themed shows out there and it ended a while back after five seasons. The gay characters in any current TV shows usually end up being side characters instead of the main focus point. And I guess this all goes back to the HOMOPHOBIA this country seems to carry like a proud banner waving in the breeze. Countries overseas produce soap operas, tv series, movies, books, anime, etc. proudly and without trying to put an artistic twist on it. Why can't we do the same?

Am I wrong? Brokeback Mountain was really the first truly main stream film produced and yet they still felt the need to put that twist on it. To make it artistic, hiding who you are, and ending it with a bittersweet ending instead of a happy one. It drives me crazy how the only mainstream romance movies out there are hetero.

**This is my own personal opinion. I don't expect everyone to agree with me.***


  1. hmm.. no, I agree completely.
    ~sigh~ I tried looking for a few myself and came up empty as well. The only one I ever really liked was one called Role/Play.
    Have you ever watched that one? (just in case >

    anyways, This country sucks with all it's damn discrimination and prejudice against things they don't see fits the "norm" when in reality the freaking "norm" is what sucks the most.

  2. I agree completely. I've only ever seen one slightly okay gay movie and that was Shelter.

    However, I have to give the US credit for their version of the UK series Queer as Folk, it's hot and Gale Harold is to die for!

    The UK sucks for it's gay films, even the UK QAF was a fail, and that's just a TV series.

    The world needs to buck up it's ideas and bring out more gay films, with quality acting, otherwise we'll do it ourselves.

    I think people and industries need to realize that gay films don't always mean sex and porn!

  3. Shelter is a great movie, that if you haven't seen it yet, then you should definitely do so. It's a gay romance, made in the US, and well written. The actors do a great job, especially since they are both straight. It's a touching story and one on my favorites.

  4. It's got drama but it IS a romance... Jeffrey. It's about one man trying to cope with falling for a guy with HIV. Sweet, tear-jerking in places, and one of my favourite movies. Don't know if that's the kind you're looking for or not.

  5. Two words for you... "Latter Days." Trust me. Very worth it and available for instant download on NetFlix.

  6. My personal favorites, not all have the meeting/falling in love, but they are gay themed with a great love story.

    Adam and Steve.
    Latter Days.
    Just a Question of Love (French)
    Guys and Balls (German)
    Save Me
    Touch of Pink
    Wedding Wars
    Donald Strachey Movies

  7. You are absolutely correct!

  8. I saw this movie in an Air Canada flight, Were the World Mine. It's a teen gay musical inspired by/based on A Midsummer's Night Dream. You have to check independent Canadian films.
    Also, no so much a romance but about a gay couple taking custody of their nephew, Breakfast with Scott.
    And a weird Korean movie called Antique Bakery.