Saturday, January 26, 2013

His Salvation Blog Tour - Weekly Prize & Grand Prize @ the End!

On the spur of the moment Wednesday afternoon, I decided to put together a His Salvation blog tour that will go through to the end of March. Each week I will be posting at a new blog with information, excerpts, and a chance to win a prize. There will also be the chance at a Grand Prize bundle at the end of the tour. The catch for the Grand Prize is that you must post a comment each week before the next post goes up! There will not be another chance to enter for the Grand Prize bundle once the post is made for the following week. 

EDIT Jan 29th 2013 - The Grand Prize rules have been tweaked slightly. You do not need to post every week to qualify. For every post you make a comment on during the next nine weeks (including Tali Spencer's blog this week) you will receive one entry into the Grand Prize drawing. If you post every week, you'll receive 9 chances. If you post once, you'll receive one chance. (Comments MUST be made within the time between each post. Comments made after the next week's post is up do not count!) The drawing will be made by random number generator. All names will be placed in a spreadsheet in the order comments were made and a random number generator used to choose the winner based on the number in the spreadsheet! Fair, yes? Good Luck, everyone!

The weekly prizes include either a signed paperback copy of His Salvation, a tote bag with the His Salvation cover on the front, swag charms (a total of four), or a $25 gift card to Dreamspinner Press's website for more ebooks of the winner's choice! These vary per week.

The Grand Prize bundle includes: 
  • An autographed paperback copy of His Salvation
  • An autographed paperback copy of Chasing Seth
  • A Tote Bag with the covers of His Salvation, Chasing Seth, and Touch Me Gently on the front 
  • One of each swag charm (total of four)
  • A Bookmark
  • One of each swag promo poster (total of two)
  • AND either a KINDLE, NOOK, or a GIFT CARD of equivalent value
    • Disclaimer - The Kindle or Nook would be the basic edition (Roughly $69 to $79 value.)
Please remember you must post a comment each week before the next post goes up to qualify for the Grand Prize package.

Blog Links and Tour Dates

Jan 27 -Tali Spencer -

Feb 5 - Augusta Li -

Feb 13 - Redz World -

Feb 18 - Sui D. Lynn - 

Feb 27 - Hayley B. James - 

Mar 4 - Skylar M. Cates -

Mar 12 - Diane Adams -

Mar 19 - Kathy Branfield -

Mar 26 - Mrs. Condit -

So there you have it. The entire blog schedule laid out along with the rules behind the Grand Prize drawing! I hope you can all participate each week and help me make this a successful, fun, and awesome blog tour! Maybe you'll even discover a few new authors along the way or make some new friends. I will try to mix up the posts and make them more interesting and hopefully a little more interactive for everyone. ^.^

Of course I will do my usual posting on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and wherever else I can find to remind everyone to go make their comments to enter for the weekly contest as well as the Blog Tour Grand Prize bundle. :) So we be sure to keep an eye out for those reminders! There is no limit on where I will ship the prizes, so everyone is welcome to join in!

Please share the information with your friends and family as I would really love to see the turn out for the weeks to come and the Grand Prize contest to be quite significant! If there are any questions about the contest please let me know.


  1. So excited about this blog tour! I'll definitely be stalking -- er, I mean, following you around the blogosphere!

    Ashley E

  2. Oooh!! This is so exciting! Eek! so happy I'm catching it on time. (>o> Still on time right?)
    I'll do my best to make it to all the stops! \^o^/

    Judi P.~

  3. Glad I found out about this tour, I can't wait to read His Salvation!