Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winner of the 4th Week of the His Salvation Blog Tour!

Good evening, everyone. :) Happy Tuesday! I hope you've been enjoying the blog tour as I stop by friends' and authors' blogs alike to discuss my inspirations, to request your help in titling the upcoming Chasing Seth Sequel and my belief behind Valentine's Day. In the upcoming weeks there is still so much more to come. I hope you've enjoyed the interactive bit of the tour and being able to voice your thoughts on the same subjects. I want to give a personal thank you to everyone who has participated so far and made this blog tour such a success! You are all truly wonderful!

This week's contest was for one of each of my swag charms I have handmade with a charm representing a focal point in each story. Touch Me Gently - Cowboy Hat. Chasing Seth - Feather. White Rain - Snowflake. Fragments of a Unicorn's Soul - Unicorn.  I do not have anything set up for His Salvation as of yet but I will be making something in the near future. :)

Handmade swag charms from Chasing Seth!
After the many wonderful suggestions by everyone over at Sui Lynn's, I found the most fitting title to be Forgiving Thayne as the overall theme and feel of the story is Nick's willingness to forgive Thayne for being such a bullheaded, stubborn wolf who is afraid to let him into his heart. As most of the fans of Chasing Seth know, Thayne's reaction to Nick's claim of being his true mate didn't go very well resulting in Nick being injured and outright rejected. In the upcoming sequel, that isn't all that Thayne has to apologize for and beg Nick for forgiveness.

So out of the 10 awesome titles offered up, the winner is the commenter who suggested Forgiving Thayne, Alison Mann! Congratulations, Alison! I will also be sending you an email to get your mailing address along with your color requests. :) Thank you for participating and keep an eye out to see if your title is the final one chosen before submission!
Don't forget you have until next week before midnight on the 27th to post a comment on my post over at Sui's blog to qualify for an entry into the Grand Prize drawing! So stop by and just say hi (with your email address of course lol) to snag an entry! Sui Lynn's 2 Cents - Week 4 of the Blog Tour

Next week I will be over at the Bee-Hive with Hayley B. James and the contest is going to be very interesting indeed so please be sure to stop by to check it out. Hayley B. James' Bee-Hive

Once again, Congratulations, Alison, and Thank You to everyone who has been participating over the last month! :) I am so excited to see the responses over the remaining weeks!


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