Friday, April 4, 2014

Forgiving Thayne Accepted!!!

After a rough day at work, I came home and as I went to sit down to dinner I checked my email and there it was! Dreamspinner Press has accepted Forgiving Thayne! I am so excited and happy to have another release coming later this year. There is not an actual official release date, but the date provided to me on the contract is Sept - Oct 2014! I was pretty sure that it wouldn't be until 2015 considering how far in advance DSP is booked nowadays with so many authors going to them now. But I am happy to say it will be released this year.

I know many of you have emailed or asked me about the sequel to Chasing Seth. I apologize for how long it actually took me to finish it. Last year was not an easy year on the muse I'm afraid, but I persevered and now I can honestly say when someone asks me about an ETA release date and if I am writing a sequel, YES! And it's this year! :) 

Please keep watching because I fully intend on keeping everyone up to date as the process goes and when I have a cover, an actual release date, and any other information which may come along during the next six months! Thank you for continuing to support me and prompt me to keep moving forward, to keep writing, and for giving me the encouragement to drive through distractions, writer's block, and pound the keys toward another completed story.

I have several projects in process at the moment. I am working on a novella series that I hope you will find enjoyable. :)

Have a wonderful night, all!



  1. I cannot wait for this book and September would be a good time as it is my birthday month so what better present to have ;-)

    1. We have a lot in common then, Bobbie! :) I am also a September baby. It would be awesome if it would be out in September. I think it all depends on how fast we go through the editing process. So far with DSP I have had two September releases. Lets make this a third one, lol.

    2. See great minds :-) I'll keep everything crossed for you

  2. Awesome, and congratulations! September and October are awesome months for me: 26 years of marriage in September, birthday in October. I think I'll save "Thayne" for my birthday cruise. Woo Hoo!!!

  3. My only wish is : not a rape story again.

  4. September would be ideal . I love these characters and i miss them.
    Congrats on your contracts by the way. Looking foward to all your future releases.

  5. Congratulations!! Please tell me it will have a printed release like Chasing Seth! I look forward to having it in my hands! I love your books!

  6. hurry up already...... i cant wait.... hurrryyyyyyyyyyy