Friday, August 1, 2014

Announcement: Christmas in July Prize Pack Giveaway Winner & Re-Release Information

Happy August 1st everyone! I received over 25 entries into my contest and I couldn't be more excited to see such a response to my give away. :)  I loved reading about everyone's dreams and what they are grateful for in their lives. It brings a lot into perspective as we always let the small day to day things let us forget what's important. So many of us end up regretting not stopping to enjoy the little things we take for granted every day. 

Just to give you insight on how I choose my winner - I don't do the rafflecopter thingy, not even sure how to, and this was not about who I thought had the best answer because everyone's answer was the best. I like to make things fair so I take the number of entries I have, enter them into a spreadsheet by name or email in the order they were received and use a random number generator to choose my winner. With the posts here and the posts received on Twitter/FB/Google +, the number is 20 and that is Denise Dechene! Congratulations, Denise! I will also notify you on Facebook! 
It makes me happy to see so many who participated and I want to say thank you to everyone for sharing your thoughts with me. 

As for the re-release information, the two stories I received the rights back from 'the publisher who shall not be named' (affectionately dubbed Voldemort Publishing during a conversation at Rainbow Con) have been accepted by another publishing house. Once the contract has been signed and returned to them I will let everyone know which house and the tentative re-release date of these two stories. Great news, right? :)  

Swift's Temptation
Fragments of a Unicorn's Soul

They even have brand new, more fitting covers! Both of which were designed by the wonderful and sweet Sara York who I can't thank enough for putting up with my nitpicking during the process. 

So for those of you who didn't wish to purchase books from that publisher, you will now have the chance to read either one you may have missed!

Once again Thank YOU to everyone who helped celebrate DSP's Christmas in July event and participated throughout the month of July. I know all authors appreciate every single one of you, because without you, we would be nothing. 



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  1. My favorite character has to be Seth but Nick is nice, too. That cover for Thayne's story is awesome!