Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fragments of a Unicorn's Soul Available Now!

Evening, folks! Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I am not a football fan, but I am rooting for the Falcons, for my own reasons. :)

Happy news for me which I am sharing a couple of days late due to some personal things that kept me busy! Fragments of A Unicorn's Soul is now available again but this time it's self published and will remain available. It is available via Smashwords and Amazon only right now. Smashwords is still working on validating it for distribution to the other sites such as Kobo abd B&N, so you will have to wait a little longer before it is available through there if you're a strict purchaser from those other sites. Smashwords Link and Amazon Link .

The cover artwork was designed by Sara York in 2013 when I was originally going to self publish, but ended up not going that route out of lack of time. Now that I have been through the wringer with multiple publishing companies with this novella and the novel Swift's Temptation, I have decided enough was enough. So, now, it's in MY hands. I am still formatting Swift's Temptation for Amazon, but that should be available over the next couple of days!

Also I am working on having a cover commissioned from a friend for a Valentine's Day short of mine that was only available for a brief period within an anthology back in 2012/2013 roughly. It was called Champagne Kisses. I should have that out by the end of this week and will make the announcement when it's available!

I'm also furiously working on other WIPs and hope to have a lot more available for you all in 2017! I really have so much more to motivate me and a lot more inspiration. Please continue to be patient with me as I write the next installment of the True Mates series and I hope to present you all with a new trilogy before the end of the year, but this is of course dependent on many factors in my personal life. All the encouragement you can give me is welcome. :)

Hugs to you all and I hope you're having a wonderful 2017 so far. Keep your spirits high and remember, the best way to have the brightest future is to CREATE it  yourself!


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