Sunday, August 14, 2011

Editing Nightmares

Okay, so on my most recent accepted novel the first round of edits was super easy. It took me a couple of hours to knock out. But the second round was not so easy. Apparently one of the editors found that my story had a few similarities to someone else's and they were concerned. The plot line and characters itself were original and such, but a few key points in the story seemed to run parallel with another author's. This led to a large amount of revisions being requested.

I had to change quite a few points and add additional information to some of my characters and their background. I didn't really mind that at all. Because the more unqiue something is, the better right?

My biggest pet peeve over these last two novels that I've had to edit is that the 2nd editor asks questions that make it appear that they have not read the entire story. There were several questions in this round of edits that made me go.... *blink* *blink* LOL. Are you serious?

Is it a pre-requisite for editors to make comments off the cuff but not ensure their facts are straight before challenging the writer?

I'm also of the belief that you don't have to detail out every single little thing because then the reader gets bored and loses interest or it's like... why would the reader care about something so trivial? Let me show you an example: Who owns this log cabin the character seems to be in? (Paraphrased, not exactly as it was worded.)
The question seriously made me *facepalm* because what reader is going to stop in the middle of the scene and go... hmmm.... I wonder who owns that cabin they're in? Is it his? Is it a friend's? That really bugs me that I dont know!

Sorry for the sarcasm, but I had to vent that out there. I've had stories that I have picked up to read and dropped back within the matter of a couple of chapters due to TOO much detail. I was reading a young adult series set in Ireland about faeries. The writer went into so much detail about the scenery the main character only saw in passing that I couldn't help but get bored. It was every page. They would describe the designs on a tree or the way a leaf was bent. No joke. I think I still have the series but I never finished it. I wish I could take it back. -__-

Let's hope the new revisions are enough to ease the editor's mind and not trigger the thought of plagarism in the reader's when they read it.

As always, here's a sexy picture for your enjoyment. :) Aren't they gorgeous?

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