Thursday, August 4, 2011

Newest Free Read Update & Some Minor Rambling Thoughts

Hey everyone! My newest update to my Free Read - From Fiction to Reality is up on my new website!! Click Here <----------

You can send me an email from Contact J.R. or comment here when you're done if you liked it!

I'm excited that I managed to complete my free reads post! Woo! I like the way it's coming out. :D

I have one work in progress that's about halfway through Chapter seven and I am looking into the idea of actually revamping a story that I have written in the past which is almost complete but still has a bit left to go. It was an extremely unique story, at least to me, and I think it may fascinate some who have a love of the underwater world. But that's all I'm going to say! LOL.

September seems so far, yet so close. I dont even know what to do for my birthday this year! And I have a short story and a novel coming out next month. But the novel may be delayed or at least pushed to the end of the month since there's a minor hiccup we reached. I have a lot of work to do this weekend! Oy! Just thinking about it is making my head hurt! Editing is probably my least favorite part of the process, but it's a necessary evil of course.

A friend of mine is really awesome! She is making up flyers for both of my books that are already out and handing them out in her LGBT community along with a bunch of the bookmarks I sent her! She's amazing! I was shocked when she offered to make the flyers, but when she told me that one of the centers she goes to is going to have an actual meeting where she is going to hand out my flyers and talk about my books floored me! You couldn't ask for better advertisement than that could you?? I want to do something really nice for her, but I dont know what. She lives in Michigan and I thought maybe feeling her out to see if she likes flowers or maybe sending her a gift card for her and her husband to go to a nice restaurant. :D Any suggestions?

Well, my lovely readers, I will leave you with this mad sexy picture and hope to see your comments about my newest update to From Fiction to Reality soon!

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  1. Hi J.R.

    The coolest thing I can think of to say thank you to your friend is to dedicate a book to her. You are an awesome author and anyone should feel honored to see their name in a dedication of yours!

    Tina O.