Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blog Hop Opportunity: Manga and Romance - Hayley B. James' Bee-Hive

If you're a brand new author or a veteran of m/m romance, you'll find a great opportunity to share your novels, novellas and short stories to a whole new readership when you join in on Hayley B. James' Manga and Romance blog hop. The focus lies in the YAOI side of manga, which for some who may not know is the eastern equivalent of m/m romance.

I, myself, received my introduction to the world of m/m romance through YAOI and shounen-ai. There is quite a large following of YAOI and YAOI eventually will lead to the western style of m/m romance as it did for me.

Hayley's blog hop is a wonderful chance to broaden your horizons along with those of the YAOI manga readers. Her rules for the blog hop are simple and easy to follow. She's going to have at least two YAOI manga publishers promoting the hop and possibly participating!!! That is a great opportunity in itself for everyone who writes m/m romance to potentially gain more readers!

And of course for the readers, it's a great chance to learn more about western m/m romance and find authors who may tickle your fancy! So be sure to join us all for the upcoming hop June 22 thru June 24th!

Link to join the blog hop and find the other participants: Hayley B. James' Blog Hop - Manga and Romance

Head on over today to sign up and join in on the fun! :)



  1. This sounded interesting, so I signed up for it ^__^

  2. I love yaoi managa and anime. I look forward in attending this blog hop.

    Tracey D

  3. Just an update, Hayley will also have forum posts and Star Fighter comic will be allowing Hayley to interview them to post during the event!

  4. I found m/m romance through yaoi too. I'm participating and look forward to the blog hop.