Sunday, August 19, 2012

Contest: Just Like My Facebook Page and Be Entered to Choose Your Own Prize!

Hi, everyone!

As a way to celebrate my upcoming trip to Tennessee and my newest upcoming novel, His Salvation, and to mix up the ordinary, I am going to have a bit of a contest between now and September 1st. All you have to do to enter is 'LIKE' my author FaceBook Page J.R. Loveless FaceBook Page . How easy is that!? Just click the link and then click on LIKE. ^.^  The easiest contest in the world right?

Want to know what the prize will be? Well why don't you decide on that? You can choose from:

  • A cell phone charm - your choice of charm (cowboy hat, snowflake, unicorn or feather) and color. *Refer to previous posts to see charms*
  • A pair of custom handmade (by yours truly) earrings - your choice of charms (cowboy hat, snowflake, unicorn or feather) and color. *These will be made with glass beads of your color choice and the charm of your choice. Similar to the cell phone charms except doubled with earring wires*
  • A J.R. Loveless poster featuring the hot silhouette of a gorgeous man. ;) 
  • A beige canvas tote bag with the J.R. Loveless book cover of your choice ironed on.
  • A handmade Bottle Cap Necklace with the J.R. Loveless book cover of your choice
  • OR!   Your choice of any eBook copy of one of my novels! .
Now how many authors give that sort of choice? :)  So hurry over to my page on FaceBook and Like me now for your entry into the contest! Link:

Saturday, September 2nd, I will choose the winner and notify by mail. *NOTE*: As I will be leaving September 4th for my retreat and will not be returning home until September 10th, I will not be shipping any of the physical prizes out until after I return. If you choose the eBook copy you will receive your prize immediately.

Happy 'Liking', everyone! :D 




  1. I will be writing everyone's name on a piece of paper and picking one at random from a 'hat' so to speak. (More than likely it will be from a bowl or something, lol)

  2. does it count if i have already LIKED your facebook page and friended you?


    1. I think you have the option of unliking and being able to like again? I'm not sure. But that's the only way I can think of to have it count. Otherwise, I'd have to count every single like before and that kind of changes the point of the contest. :-/

  3. You can unlike and then like again...I just did it.

  4. okay i just unliked and then like again!


  5. I liked your facebook page, how did I miss it before...? Love your "swag" and your books are wonderful so the winner will be happy!

  6. Hmmm, so I have to unlike and then like again to be added to the drawing? OK. LOL. I can do that.

    OK. Just unliked and then Liked again. :)

  7. HI.!!! Enter me in please. I'm getting to re-read 1 of your books this weekend and I'll be buying another next weekend. Bye.


  8. Unliked & liked again ^_^ Pamela Pelaam-One