Monday, June 21, 2010

The Long Process of Editing...

I realize now that I did not know what the hell I was doing over the last few years of writing. I cringe at what the editors of Dreamspinner must be putting up with as they edit my story. >.<

I'm currenly editing a story for submission that I wrote back around the time as the one that Dreamspinner is publishing. It's got potential. But it needed some MAJOR overhauling in many ways.

It's taken me DAYS to get to where I'm at. Mostly because I hate editing when it's to the extent it is for this story. I don't mind if its editing actual content of the story, but this is almost like re-writing the whole story in a lot of ways. It is almost 72k words, and 190 pages. Last I checked I was on page 121. I also do not tend to insert chapter numbers when I write a story so I have to do that as well.

Long process!

I also have two beta readers looking over the story that I need to look at their notes and suggestions as well once I am done editing it on my own. Then it should be ready for submission. But I still need to write a synopsis! >.< At least I know the story inside and out, lol. It shouldnt be too hard to do that!

Currently insomnia is a great thing!

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