Saturday, June 26, 2010

Long week, new story, and insomnia!

This week has been similar to last. Insomnia hits me from time to time and I get a mere two to three hours a night. The benefit to it is that I manage to usually get some writing done! Spent the past two weeks editing an older story that I wrote a while back. It truly needed it. *shudders* It was littered with grammar and punctuation mistakes as well as repeated words. I read that story so many times that I don't care to read it again for a while! Ugh! But it was extremely polished (imo) by the time I submitted it to Dreamspinner Press. Now I am on to the waiting game all over.

The insomnia has made these last two weeks seem to take forever! I try to snag some sleep when I can but it always leaves me feeling sooo groggy! Ever get to the point where you are so tired that you feel punch drunk? Like you are walking around in a fog that never goes away? That's how it feels right now. But I lay down and can't sleep. I know exactly how many dots there are on my ceiling! Well, I exagerate but still...

Just found this new website if anyone loves to RPG and has been published as a GLBTTQ writer before. Haven Falls If I didn't already have enough on my hands with my writing, I'd probably join since I love to rpg but I am not sure I could keep up at the moment! lol. But it looks like its a lot of fun!

So Dreamspinner Press has sent out an open call for a short story between 3500 and 12k words pertaining to mythical and magical creatures. So far I think it is turning out pretty good but I am not so sure I'll be able to stick within those amount of words. I'm already over a thousand and barely touched the story. >.< I just have this tendency to give my characters depth and a past that needs to be explained enough to where the reader isn't left with a million and one questions. I figured I'd write it out completely and then go from there.

Off to write some more....XD

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