Friday, July 29, 2011

Advertising and promoting yourself...

I've been trying to come up with a way to effectively promote my books, my name and just plain ol' advertising, but I have tried the usual routes. i.e. Facebook, Twitter, my blog, and had bookmarks printed that I passed out at several places including via mail to a few of the bookstores still available (a dying breed it seems).

At the moment, I am working on building out my own website. Right now, it is in its early stages so there's nothing there, but I think I can really do something with it. Plus, I heard that Blogger is shutting down their service, so I need to get all of my posts from here moved over before they do that.I fully intend on separating my blog from my short story posts and other details such as my books and where they're available.

Does anyone have any experience in this area and would you be able to just give me a few pointers/tips? I'm pretty good at figuring things out if I sit there long enough. LOL. Which there's the issue. Having the time or the energy to do it. But I am determined so I'm going to spend a chunk of time this weekend trying to get it worked out.

Well, I am off to work shortly so I will post again later! :D Have a great and beautiful Friday my wonderful peoples! And another yummy photo to leave you with!


  1. I haven't heard blogger is leaving. I also don't believe that. It's a part of Google. I know they're closing down some of the API services but I don't think blogger is one...just more of the web design stuff like 50+ emails when you buy a web address.
    But idk! Could be.

    find me online about the banner ;)

  2. I have set up a website for myself (, you can check out what I have there. It's the most essential for an author to have: sections for about, books, coming soon and free reads. :) You can contact me if you have any questions on :)