Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Personal Goal...

After submitting my short story last night to Silver Publishing, getting the edits back on Fragments of a Unicorn's Soul short story, and hearing that one of my best friends had another book accepted by Dreamspinner Press, it motivated me to want to write. So I am setting a personal goal for myself. As of tonight, once I have settled in from work and am at my computer, I will write 1000 words to my ongoing story even if it kills me. I cannot let myself get distracted. Writing is what I want to do more than anything and I cannot let my job take that from me. They already take so much.

My biggest problem when I'm writing is I tend to read over what I have written and analyze it instead of just writing and then going back to start at the beginning. So I am going to try to not do that while I'm writing these 1k words a night. A thousand words is nothing! I should be able to do! *pumps fist in the air* I think. >.>

I do want to say Congratulations on your newest book acceptance, Hayley James! You deserve it no matter what anyone else may say and just remember that you have friends who love and support you! *HUGS*

And I leave you all with a very cute and sexy picture!! XD

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