Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Week 1 Almost Over! Progression in a Good Way!

Tomorrow will be one week since I started back on my journey toward a healthier me. I'm very proud of myself. I worked out Wednesday through Saturday and then picked it up again Monday. I also kept to my diet, no cheat day. AND, I know it's only water weight to begin with, but I lost 4.8lbs already!!! So excited! :) 

On the weekend, I always go out to lunch with my parents, but I never choose the lighter/fitter options. I will be making healthier choices at restaurants moving forward. Already started this past weekend by choosing chicken with veggies and rice instead of a hamburger with fries or some such thing. I felt much better about myself for doing that too. My intention is to also cut out red meat, but I have to clear out the few items I still have in my freezer. After that, no red meat. I bought an instant pot this past weekend. Been wanting one of those forever it seems. I have steak chunks, organic, ready to cook tonight!

After three days of working out and eating right I already feel so much better. I don't wake up feeling gross, I don't feel bloated, and my mental state is different as well. I'm happier, less angry at the world, and just overall feeling good. This is why I started it. To feel better. To enjoy life rather than hating it because I'm miserable. 

There's also a new Facebook Group I started with a friend called Fit Force. It's a secret group on FB for now, but we intend on opening it up to those with an open mind looking to join. The group is for support, suggestions, tips, recipes, and sharing our ups and downs on our healthier us movement. Interested in joining?  --->  Fit Force  

Have a wonderful Tuesday! *kisses*


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